Lawn Care & Landscape Marketing Audit


We offer a third party, highly experienced, industry specific perspective.

With over 10 years of lawn and landscape industry specific marketing experience, we will show you all sorts of ways that you can improve your marketing ROIs.

We designed our audit specifically for lawn and landscape businesses who have marketing systems in place and want to know what they should be doing to make them work as effectively as possible.

Conversion Optimisation

Getting traffic to your site is great, but is it doing its job to convince prospects to reach out to you?

PPC Waste

It’s not hard to spring leaks in your paid traffic campaigns. We have lots of experience finding these. The savings opportunities we find here could easily make up for the cost of this entire report within a month!

Competitive Analysis

We’ll show you how your digital presence is stacking up against your competitors’. Often it’s not hard to outpace them when you know exactly which metrics to target.

Tracking Systems

Having the right tracking in place makes all the difference. When you have all the right data it gets lot easier to improve your ROIs. So often we see companies guessing about the results their marketing budgets are generating. Know what you don’t know so that you can implement the systems you need so that you can scale your business.

SEO Checklist

We’ll run your company’s digital presence through our 75 point checklist to see what could be done to help improve your organic traffic volume.

After we receive payment we’ll send you an email detailing the access we’ll need to complete the report.

Audit reports generally take one week to complete once we’ve received access to your accounts.



If for any reason you are not satisfied with your report we will give you a full refund. It’s our goal for this report to be so valuable to you that it will pay for itself within a month of implementing our suggestions.