We start by assessing each business to ensure strong ROI potential.

By ROI we mean bottom line profits for you.

Many marketing companies will use traffic as their metric for success.
We take it further.
Some marketing companies will use leads as their main metric.
We take it even further.
Our main metric isn’t even new clients for you, it’s PROFIT.

Many marketing companies will send cryptic reports and leave it up to you to connect the dots with your actual goals. Not us.

We employ a two-way reporting system where we send data to you showing how our systems are running AND we require you to send us reports our way detailing how things are working from your end.

Our goal to increase your profits requires teamwork from both sides, not just ours or yours.
This is why coaching is a big part of our service. Working specifically in the lawn care industry for over 15 years, we have uncovered a lot of industry best practices we’re excited to share with you.

Here’s what we do

  1. First, we send you an application to fill out.
    This is for all the information we can’t look up ourselves.
    We check it over and if everything looks in order we’ll move to the next step.
  2. Next, we will conduct a competitive analysis, local market analysis, and a digital presence audit. (All at OUR cost.)
  3. If everything is still looking good we will now present you with a proposal to update anything that is below our standards along with a monthly marketing plan tailored to your business goals.

All of our services are guaranteed to be profitable (or trending quickly toward profitable).
If they aren’t we promise to let you know right away and then make changes or cancel the services.

We guarantee Transparency and Responsibility

Transparency – We’ll send you the reports that really matter.
We’ll compare your reports to our industry data and alert you of any unusual activity.

Responsibility – We take responsibility for your marketing success by running small tests and providing you with feedback if any issues arise BEFORE spending more of your budget.

How we measure our services

We take your average client lifetime value, your average lead closing rate, and your profit margins to calculate our estimated delivered profit to you.

We ask that you send us up to date information at least every quarter for us to keep our estimates as accurate as possible. We trust that the data you send us is accurate.

(Client Lifetime Value * profit margin) * lead closing rate * (phone leads + website leads) = Total new profits projected

((Client Lifetime Value * profit margin) / total months) * lead closing rate * (phone leads + website leads) = Total new profit generated per month

Caveat: In order for us to align our goals with you we recognize that there are aspects of what we are taking responsibility for that will be out of our control. We guarantee to let you know immediately if we spot an issue, we’ll even be very persistent about it if it’s a big one. In the end, we know it is your final say which is why our agreements are “cancel anytime” for both parties. We will cancel a marketing retainer if we feel that we will not be able to achieve success.

Our Track Record – Historical ROI

We are proud of our track record and work very hard to always be improving it.
On average we have seen companies spend ~$7,500 on marketing over 5 summer months earn ~$29,500 in new projected profit (~$246,000 in projected revenues @12% profit).

These numbers will vary from client to client in different territories and are not guaranteed.

In Summary

Our business exists to help yours thrive. NOT just to supply marketing services.

We guarantee that the success of our services is gauged by your profit.

We uphold this guarantee by continually requesting feedback from you as to how things are going and using this data to measure our marketing profitability.

We’ll remain transparent by alerting you if things aren’t going well long before you waste any money.

We guarantee to hold ourselves responsible not just for traffic, not just for leads, but for actual profit on your bottom line.

If we see any obstacles in our way you’ll be the first to know.

We are not interested in wasting your businesses marketing budget.

If it’s not profitable for you then we don’t want to do it.

We guarantee that we will take responsibility for helping you increase your profits. If for any reason we discover we can’t, we’ll let you know the problem right away.